Learning Yoga

Yoga is a tradition and a science with roots in ancient India that has evolved over centuries to embrace the wisdom of many places and times. Although it means something different to each person, it is rooted in oneness or returning to the Source. Throughout history, it has been split into various 'schools' focusing on different aspects of yoga. Each branch is of the same tree, the tree of the Self. Yoga means union.

Yoga is not a religion; it is a practice. Literally the word “yoga” means “a yoke that brings union”. It means bringing the finite (your body) into the infinite (your consciousness).

Yoga for You Yoga is for everyone. Yoga is for you. You can begin your yoga practice at any age, in any physical condition and in any place where you can take a deep breath. The benefit of yoga are vast, limited only by the amount of time and the degree of commitment that one brings to it!

Basic classes
for beginners and all levels are welcome. The Focus is on fundamentals, understanding Kundalini Yoga, Breathing practically, Posture alignment, Meditation and Mantra Chanting. Basics are taught in a four week cycle starting the first Monday of every month. Drop-ins are welcome.

Group Classes Small warm and friendly group classes sharing a time and space away from the demand of daily life. Each class will take on a specific theme, Throughout a typical Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan class, a teacher will be dedicated entirely to you, guiding you through every moment, as they correct misalignments and aid progress. The group class will be scheduled over a 8-10 weeks course for individual or groups of 6

Individual Sessions one to one, you work intimately to customise a practice built around your specific needs. One on one is available at my place or your home. Please email for more information.

Meditation is a practice focusing the mind which can be done sitting as well as during yoga asana practice. It enables mental clarity, reducing levels of anxiety and stress. It may contribute to increased intuition and empathy, enhanced feelings of love, joy patience and compassion, leading to greater energy and stamina.

Kundalini Yoga Class content: 

  • Pranayama - Breathing exercise

  • Asana - Posture

  • Kriya - Sequence exercise

  • Meditation

  • Mantra chanting

  • Peaceful Relaxation

Ongoing every Tuesday

John Cleveland College 6.00 - 8.30 pm

List of Courses
Beginner I
 'Awaken Your Potential'
Beginner II 'Experience your Infinite'

'Chakra Wheel of Energy'

'Beauty & Vitality'

'Breath for Life'

'Rise n Shine'

'Youth & Joy'



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