Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness ...
The first level of awareness is the one to our own safety while practicing yoga, at home, in class.

Please read through the information carefully and apply them as appropriate.

Safety First !!

 Do take good measures to prevent injuries during the training.
 Be gentle with yourself and with others. Do help each other.
 When you get uneasy or not feeling well during a practice, stop. Inform the teacher immediately if you are not feeling well during or after a practice...
 Be aware of and responsible for your own safety. Some of the ways to prevent injuries are ...
 - To protect your body, mainly the spine, by using a THICK yoga mat, and an extra padding in natural fibers (such as cotton) to cover it and provide you with a clean surface for lying down and breathing in.
 - To have some support for your spine during sitting (under the buttocks) and/or lying (under the neck) in the form of a soft cushion or a folded cotton cloth.
 - If you are sensitive to temperature changes, make sure to bring something to cover yourself during deep relaxation, to prevent getting cold in the process of cooling down after the body has been heated up during the yoga exercises.
 Leave your valuable objects such as jewelry of any kind and important personal documents at home. Jewelry or wrist watches can hurt or injure you during exercises, obstruct your movements, make disturbing noise, and divert the flow of energy. Also, there may be some risks of loss, or getting mixed up in other people’s belongings as the teaching and learning go on.
 Do not eat anything substanstial for 2-3 hours before class.
 When menstruating women should not do inverted postures, double leg lifts, Breath of Fire, or anything which strains the abdomen.

What to bring & What to wear

 Bring a yoga mat/sheepskin/large towel or throw or blanket to sit on and something to cover up during deep relaxation and rool up to scomfort some postures
 Wear anything comfortable which does not restrict your movement, preferably cotton or other natural fibre.  White is preferable but not essential.  Jeans are not suitable.
 Kundalini Yoga is always done barefoot so please remove your socks before class starts.

 £59 per 9 hours 6 consecutive weeks
 £11 drop in - 90min class 

FOR FIRST-TIME PRACTITIONER Please fill in the Disclaimer and Health Questionnaire  provided to you and bring it to me before class begin.Thank you for your interest in Kundalini Yoga-as-taught-by Yogi Bhajan.
Click on Disclaimer  to fill the form, email to or hand on once you attend


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